2007, April, 29

Blendernation features report about Cosmic Balance
There is a little report on Blendernation, about how the Open Source 3D animation software Blender was used in the production of Cosmic Balance.

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2007, April, 27

Cosmic Balance making off at the Autodesk tower at the FMX
At the 04th of May 12 o'clock we will give a little talk about the making of of Cosmic Balance at the Autodesk tower (Turm B) at the FMX.

Cosmic Balance can also be seen in HD every day at 14 o'clock the 3Dpowerstore booth.

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2007, April, 23

Cosmic Balance presentation at 3Dpowerstore booth at the FMX expo
From 2nd to 4th of May Falk Büttner of Die Versilberte Eitelkeit will present Cosmic Balance once a day at the 3Dpowerstore booth at the FMX in Stuttgart.

FMX is Europe's largest and most important international conference on animation, vfx and digital content.

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2007, April, 16

Eyeon Software Inc. uses Cosmic Balance material for Fusion demos at the NAB in Las Vegas, April 16 - 19.
We used the software Fusion 5 to do all the compositing work for Cosmic Balance.
Eyeon Software Inc., the creator of Fusion, uses some of our most complex compositings to do one to one demos of Fusion at the NAB this year.

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2007, April, 15

"Cosmic Balance" short film finished
Arroba Films S.A. de C.V. Mexico and Die Versilberte Eitelkeit finished the creation of the computer animated short film "Cosmic Balance".